The BBC's R&D team has been working on lots of interesting projects, one of which is creating high-end virtual reality experiences. Most recently the BBC created a VR version of the EastEnders Queen Vic pub, a life-like experience that takes users into the iconic TV location where they can pour pints and play darts.

The BBC wanted to demonstrate this cool tech innovation to an audience of young females who wouldn't usually see this kind of content. We knew the best way to really show off this tech was by comparing it to the real thing, so we invited an influencer to come and check it out.


We worked with Emily Canham, a YouTube vlogger (and massive EastEnders fan!) who regularly captures her day-to-day adventures, and gave her an exciting behind-the-scenes visit to the show's set. Not only did Emily get to see the iconic location with her own eyes, she was also greeted by Queen Vic landlord, Danny Dyer himself.

Emily's vlog took her fans to the set of EastEnders, filmed at Elstree Studio in London, where she was able to walk around the recognisable Albert Square and stop off in the Queen Vic pub. She went from the real world into a fictional world and finally into a virtual one, where the uncanny similarities created a fun reaction for both her and Danny Dyer.

The video currently has over 280,000 views on Emily's YouTube channel, with over 1.3 million minutes watched in total. Of these views 73% were female and 82% fell into a 13-34 age demographic. The results were spot on for what the BBC were after, and the content resonated with Emily's audience so well that it performed significantly better than some of her regular content.