FA Cup - No Guts No Glory

If you’re over 40 you’ll have been watching the FA Cup on TV for years. You’ll know all about the magic of the David vs Goliath draws that come up each year. But for today’s young people, football is consumed and thought about in an entirely different way. It’s playing FIFA online, it’s consuming influencer content on social and watching clips of the best tricks, skills and goals. It’s not 90+ mins on a Saturday afternoon.

To ignite the love of the tournament in the eyes of 16-24 year olds we worked with the BBC to reach the audience where they feel at home and in the way they want to consume it. We created #nogutsnoglory as a wrapper to bring together all the stand out moments of each round the FA Cup. We seeded the content across multiple channels including carefully selected influencers who pushed it out to their audiences to spark interest and engagement with the competition.

Prior to the Final, the campaign had generated 14.5m impressions, with the content viewed 4.3m times.

For the final we produced an immersive 360 video experience where users were guided down Wembley Way to re-live some of the 'No Guts No Glory' FA Cup moments from this season. This was shared across all social channels and influencer networks.