FA Cup FINAL 2018

Each year, Cake works with EE to amplify their partnership of Wembley Stadium.  In the lead up to The FA Cup Final this year, we worked with Cheeky Sport and SPORTbible to create a ground-breaking activation that we dubbed ‘Live-Stream Living Rooms.’  We scoured the nation for our Chelsea and Manchester United super fans.  Once we’d found a delighted Jess and Alex, we treated them and an army of their friends them with their very own FA Cup Final party in their homes.  These parties were live streamed via the EE network into Wembley Stadium before the match.  Not only were Jess and Alex given a free party with food and drink all day, they were tasked with breaking the ‘noise-o-metre’ live in front of the Wembley crowd in the lead up to kick off.  The prize – a signed shirt and a huge pat on the back from the very boisterous Dave and Joel of Cheeky Sport! 

We partnered with Sport Bible who took on the role of capturing the day as it unfolded, consisting of a 10 clip Instagram story that narrated the moment from the three locations. The story exceeded all targets seeing a total of 1.61 million views throughout the day, with over 60% of people watching from story 1 to story 10. We also produced a wrap-up video documenting the day in longer form that was promoted through Facebook and hosted on the Sport Bible webpage, reaching over 1million people.