Activating EE’s festival sponsorship

Glastonbury Festival is a global cultural moment that not only lives in the fields, but also on social media and smartphones. Not everyone will go but everyone will knowis our mantra. Our aim is to help ensure that what happens at the festival no longer stays at the festival. This however creates two basic problems for festival goers:

1. A massive increase in data usage

2. A corresponding hit on a phone’s battery life.


How can we showcase the world’s largest and fastest temporary 4G network that EE install each year, if no one has the battery power to use it? This made EE’s objectives simple, leveraging the partnership we needed to demonstrate the businesses basic brand metrics ‘Best for Network’ and ‘Best or innovation’.

Innovation is a key brand pillar for EE and with every year of their Glastonbury partnership we strive to look at unique solutions and add-ons that will bring EE to the forefront of remote, innovative charging.

Having previously launched a traditional charging solution at Glastonbury, we realised the never-ending queues meant festival go-ers were sacrificing lengthy time away from the entertainment. With this in mind, EE worked to develop a bespoke portable charging concept to simultaneously charge 10,000 power bars in a field to be used again and again, meaning festival-goers could charge on the go. Theypurchased a bespoke power bar and once they have used it they would bring the empty power bar back to the ‘re-charge tent’ and swapped it for a fully charged one every day,  for free- meaning they get the most out of the festival No more waiting around in the queues or for their phone to charge.

In addition, this year EE were the first to film Glastonbury in 360-degree, showcasing the content on site, exclusively through Samsung VR headsets in the EE Recharge tent. Festival content was filmed each day, edited overnight and uploaded to VR headsets the next day. The first ever 360 video of Glastonbury festival highlights using the daily content was promoted via EE social channels over the days following the festival.

Across the weekend, we sold 15,000 power bars generating 146% YoY increase in revenue and swapped them over 30k times at our exchange tents. We also enabled 17,600 festival-goers to charge their phones the traditional way and gave 2,000 people a VR experience. The EE app was also downloaded 138k times, the YouTube videos generated 6.6m views with Instagram and Facebook content reaching 25m impressions.