EE's Ultimate Sleepover

To promote EE’s sponsorship of Wembley Stadium we partnered YouTube Influencer Callux, a notorious pranker with over 3.8m followers online. Through his Twitter channel we launched a competition to give 4 fans the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the FA Cup Final.

Little did they know they were about to be pranked.

Callux EE.png

When the competition winners arrived at Wembley the production team told them there had been an ‘admin error’ and the hotel booking had been lost, but would try and find an alternative hotel while they were on the stadium tour.

Following the tour which included a chance to hold the FA Cup Trophy while sitting in the Royal Box and having a JustEat pizza delivered to them in the managers seats, the winners were told a room had been found for them.

The room wasn’t in fact in a hotel but we had turned one of the premium stadium boxes into a bedroom to create the ultimate sleepover the night before the FA Cup Final.

The video content was filmed, edited and published in 24 hours enabling it to go live just after the FA Cup Final finished. The content has so far generated 1.4m views, and personally Callux thinks its one of the best videos he’s ever made.

As part of this promotion Callux came back to Wembley to record a 2nd piece of content where he raced go-karts around Wembley with a call to action directing viewers to go & watch the sleepover video if they hadn’t already. This video generated over 500k views.