there for you kings cross activation

Lemsip’s ‘There For You’ campaign aims to remind the nation that during periods of feeling run down with cold & flu there is no need to suffer. Lemsip can be ‘There For You’ emotionally and physically, helping to combat every individual cold & flu allowing you to get on happily and healthily with your life.


Cake worked with Havas London to bring this campaign to life outside Kings Cross Station during two cold and wet days in November. Not being able to giveaway medication we needed to come up with a way to demonstrate to the public how Lemsip would be there for you during the winter beyond providing a medical solution when feeling under the weather.


Our response was a large 4.5m x 2m umbrella wall with 130 umbrella pockets which spelt out ‘There For You’ allowing for 1500 umbrellas in total to be given away’. A traffic light attached to the booth signaled green when the weather was wet, allowing the umbrellas to be released and taken by the public to save themselves from the pouring rain.

During dry periods of the day, a team of brand ambassadors gave away over 1000 mini ‘There For You’ branded pocket tissues to reinforce the message. Cake carried out extensive research to best understand the wettest period’s during autumn & winter and the most suitable locations boasting high footfall. Kings Cross proved a hugely successful location and drew continuous attention across the 2 days.