We're Half Way There! 45 Days on Tour with 36 Cities visited

It’s the half way mark for Coca-Cola’s prestigious global FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour, so we caught up with our Kim Rhodes (Cake Business Director) who’s been flying around the globe for the last six weeks as a Territory Manager for Coca-Cola on the tour.


The aim of the global Trophy Tour is to build excitement and passion for the FIFA World Cup™ ahead of the tournament, in countries that have qualified, countries that haven't, countries that have had the Trophy before, and countries that haven't. So far, the trophy has visited 36 cities in 45 days – travelling a whopping 75,235 km in total. Although not everyone can lift the trophy (that honour is reserved for only the Head of State and former winners of the FIFA World Cup™) we've been able to get almost 90,000 people close to the Trophy to have their personal photo taken, and to see a piece of history.


Kim’s role as a Territory Manager is to look after 16 of the Coke markets, kicking off the first half of the tour activating in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Laos, Macau, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea – with seven of these countries receiving the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy for the very first time.

Kim said “Wherever the Trophy has been we've seen huge crowds and fans young and old coming out to the see the Trophy and celebrate with an ice-cold Coke or Coke Zero.

From the passion of Pakistan, a cricket country turned football fanatics, to the pride of Sri Lanka being the first international stop of the tour, not forgetting our visit to the President's Palace in Colombo – there have been so many highlights along the way!

I am about to head back out on tour to activate the second half of the tour, where I will visit my remaining 8 markets along the way - Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland (first time qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup), Mongolia and China.”

We are proud to be working with Coca-Cola on their global 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour, and can’t wait to catch back up with Kim on the completion of the tour for more updates.  

Check out the half-way numbers here:


Footwear, Fashion and Fierce Competition

Rebecca Lidbury, Account Manager

Having been born from the world of sport, brands such as Adidas and Nike have expanded into the lifestyle sector – creating not only products for performance (their roots), but reviving classic items purely because they look nice.

I wouldn’t dare rocking my Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Aquas in the gym, yet these were once created as a running shoe. Call me crazy, but there are others out there who share this opinion (at least 40% of the Cake office).

This mentality change in consumers has shifted these iconic brands away from the world of sport, giving them new audiences through the likes of entertainment, music and lifestyle. With so many options out there, what tools are these brands using to build an emotional connection with their customers, keep them coming back, and ultimately, drive sales?


Brand ambassadors seem such an obvious one, and with new areas to play in entertainment and lifestyle, it seems a no brainer. We see this not only through brand collaborations, with Yeezy and Adidas arguably dominating the game, but through campaign partnerships. Notable examples include two of the biggest UK-based artists of 2017; Dua Lipa with Footlocker and Stormzy with Adidas, driving a brand connection through their celebrity status.

At the same time, insights tell us high street sales are slowing down, which comes as no surprise – so what are brands doing to try and engage with people online and out of store? One way is utilising YouTube, building narrative through content and engaging with customers through their passion points.

Using Size? as an example, last year they introduced Size? Sessions; a content series showcasing performances from up-and-coming artists. The performances were held live from Size? stores, driving the brand’s affiliation with music and creating conversations with their customers.

I could easily talk about this all day, but one area I’m personally excited about is technology. From world-first Snapchat filters from Foot Locker, to innovative new materials, the way brands are thinking outside of the box and using technology to gain cut-through is always evolving.

With this in mind, I couldn’t not talk about Adidas’ new launch with BVG, Berlin’s city transport company. When I first read the story, I thought Adidas had embedded technology into the tongue of the shoe, which doubled as a virtual ticket (super smart) – but on closer expectation, the ticket is just sewn into the shoe. Safe to say it feels like they missed a trick. However what’s saying that one day this technology is available, and weaving it into our trainers becomes the norm?


It ultimately comes down to one thing – driving sales. And whether that’s creating a story through content, signing the next big thing as an ambassador, or using tech to shake up the game, these are all examples of how brands are battling against each other to stay front of mind, and keep their customers coming back.


By Rebecca Lidbury, Account Manager

Hyundai’s Innovators of the Future competition is in full throttle

Cake’s content marketing team and Ecselis SEO team joined forces to launch motoring giant Hyundai’s new campaign. Drawing from a wide talent pool, we worked hard to put together a brand new competition and to optimise Hyundai’s SUV page.


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.51.20 AM.png

In November 2017, Innovators of the Future was launched through Hyundai’s SUV page. Our team put together a stylish competition microsite where student designers can learn all about the competition, read up on the judges, download guidelines and enter.

We’ve asked students to imagine the interiors of driverless SUVs 50 years into the future. How can they reinvent this interior space given that seats will no longer need to be forward facing? How can they incorporate future technologies and create inspirational seamless design? This competition appeals to the aspiring designers’ imaginations – never in short supply amongst young, ambitious creatives.

Of course, there’s an extra sweetener. The winning entry will win a trip to futuristic Seoul, South Korea for themselves and a friend, plus £1,000 ($1,350) spending money. That’ll buy a lot of kimchi! They’ll meet representatives from Hyundai and tour some of the car giant’s most impressive facilities.

The competition opened at the end of November 2017 and runs through to 04.02.18. At that point, our expert panel will select a winner, with entries being featured on Hyundai’s website and across social platforms under the hashtag #IOTF2018. This equates to excellent coverage for aspiring young designers.



The team has been busy with outreach, pushing news of the competition far and wide. As this is a competition aimed at students, we’ve been focusing on universities and have secured coverage with King’s College London, Manchester University and Bath University to name a few. Six institutions (including Bath Spa University and University for the Creative Arts) are also running the competition as an official project – meaning entries are all but guaranteed.

Our carefully selected influencer panel came with their own clout and have featured the competition in influential Car Magazine and design sites Little Big Bell and Ma-tt-er.


Kona_Car Play_7__4c.jpg

We’ve already seen some very positive signs from an SEO perspective. Hyundai were looking to improve their ranking on SUV and 4x4 related terms. Along with onsite optimisation, campaign outreach has led to a lift in Hyundai in the SUV/4x4 keyword group through authoritative sites linking back to Hyundai’s SUV page. The hope is that the terms we’ve been pushing in the campaign will show a substantially positive uplift in visibility.


Go content!

The latest in esports - September 25th

  FIFA 18 (EA Sports)

FIFA 18 (EA Sports)

EA Sports adds esports jerseys into FIFA 18

FIFA, the world’s most popular football video game series, is back once again with the latest addition FIFA 18 due for release on September 29th. Ahead of its release EA Sports has announced that for the very first time a few of the biggest esports teams will have their official jerseys feature in FIFA 18. This is the first time EA Sports has placed the jersey for an esports team into their game for fans to use and represent as they play.

Team Liquid, Team Vitality, AS Roma and Hashtag United will be the first to have their jersey replicated digitally into the game. AS Roma’s jersey displays the FNATIC team logo, the esports organisation who are managing AS Roma’s esports team. Not only does this give fans the chance to wear the jersey of their favourite teams, but it also opens up the opportunity for the team’s to reach new fans who discover their kits in-game. So far only these 4 esports teams have announced their presence within FIFA 18, but this is likely to be the start of more to come and a way to show that EA Sports is engaging with the esports community to make things like this happen.

  Arena of Valor (Tencent)

Arena of Valor (Tencent)

Esports coming to the Nintendo Switch?

The hybrid handheld console from Nintendo has been flying off the shelves since it launched earlier this year. Whether you want to play at home or on the go, the Nintendo Switch sold 4.7million units between its release on March 3rd and the end of June. It was the best-selling console in August and Nintendo have their targets set on selling 10 million units in its first year. The game library for the Switch is still fairly limited but at their most recent Nintendo Direct event they announced a new game title was coming to the console, which could open up the Switch to esports. Nintendo has announced that Arena of Valor, the mobile MOBA created by Tencent Games, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch console as a Beta this winter.

Arena of Valor launched across Europe earlier this year as the Chinese tech company looks to replicate the gaming success they’ve seen across far Eastern countries. With the mobile version encouraging competitive 5 vs 5 gaming, one can only assume that the Nintendo Switch version will follow this set-up. As Tencent builds the player base and esports scene across Europe they could look to include both mobile and Switch players within this. The Nintendo Switch version could play a key part to pushing Arena of Valor even further as it will be the first Moba game to make its way to the fast selling console.

Gfinity’s Elite Series is returning

Following a successful first run, the Gfinity Elite Series will be back for more eports action starting next month. The Elite Series bought amateur gamers to the big leagues as they played alongside professional teams through intense competition. The Elite Series returns on October 6th and will once again feature competitive gaming across Street Fighter, Rocket League and CS:GO. The series will be broadcasted on Friday night, Saturday morning & Saturday evening.

For the first series Gfinity secured broadcast partnerships with BT Sport, BBC Three & Eleven Sport, to push their esports content to mainstream media channels. According to Gfinity the first series received over three million views through their broadcasted content, and reached more than 220 million impressions across social media. Since the first series one of the teams involved, Team Epsilon, has built their own professional Rocket League team made entirely from players who came up through the Elite Series. Not only is Gfinity providing entertaining esports content to keen fans and mainstream viewers, but they’re also helping pave the way for ambitious and talented amateur players.

Charity funding by League of Legends

In the lead up to the League of Legends Worlds 2017 tournament, a special Championship hero skin has been created for fans to purchase in celebration of the event. Worlds 2017 starts on September 23rd where 24 of the best teams will begin fighting their way through the stages before one team is crowned as champions on November 4th. With every purchase of the ‘Championship Ashe’ skin 25% of the earnings will be added to the prize pool for Worlds 2017. The Worlds prize pool currently sits at just over $2.1m, put in by Riot Games, with this expected to rise significantly after adding the earnings from the in-game skin sales.

Since the skins release Riot Games have announced that not only will 25% of the earnings be added to the prize pool but they will match the contribution and donate the same amount to charity. Last year the prize pool reached over $5m, with around $3m of this coming from Championship skin sales. With sales likely to be even higher this year Riot Games could end up donating over $3m to charity. Riot have picked out three charities who will all benefit from their funding, in areas that support causes that their players care about - mental health care, access to education, and access to technology. It’s amazing to see Riot Games use their global esports event to drive charitable donations, raising a life changing amount of money through gamers purchasing an in-game item.

  The hero Ashe (Riot Games)

The hero Ashe (Riot Games)

The Wembley Cup returns

The Wembley Cup is back and it's going to be bigger and better than ever before. YouTube star Spencer FC will be facing off against two of the world's best freestyle footballers, The F2. 


In Spencer's corner is Hashtag United, his very own homegrown team who think they have what it takes to beat the F2's Tekkers Town, an all-star team filled with some of the best football talent on YouTube. Not only do we have YouTube stars, but joining them will be some footballing legends as Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Folwer, Steven Gerrard & more await their turn to step back onto the pitch.

Buy tickets and see the spectacular match at Wembley: bit.ly/TicketsWC

Watch the first episode of The Wembley Cup 2017 below:

The School of Snapchat

On Friday the clever people over at Snapchat invited us to attend their immersive School of Snapchat day. We were cleverly transported back to the 90s and a world where PJ and Duncan were still cool, and indeed Donna Air was more Geordie, less royalty.

The Snapchat Lollipop lady greeted us on arrival at the secret location, we were promptly put in houses and given lockers, ahead of the headmaster leading us into an outburst of the school anthem, all before 9.30 am.

Think secret cinema does media partnerships; this day was an A+ event at getting brands and agencies to love and champion your brand for you. Complete with some serious styling attention to detail, lots of kitsch merch and a school party complete with sugar-laden bottles of Hooch.

That aside, the day was broken down into 4 lessons all designed to help us master the functionality and benefits of the app. Each lesson came with it’s own teacher, learning materials and what felt like a practical exam. We went through Maths, Science, Art and Media Studies, touching on different areas from creative to audience insights.

Here's just four things we learnt, one from each lesson:

The Snapchat audience aren't kids. 61% of Snapchat users are between the age of 18-34, de-bunking the rumor that only teenagers are using the app. 

Four ways to engage with ads. When running ads across Snapchat, users can be encouraged to swipe up to read an article, install an app, watch a longer piece of content or be directed to a web page. 

Filters and lenses get huge engagement. Every day over 60% of snaps sent include one of the apps creative tools, whether that is a dog-face lens or a colour filter.

Discovering new content. Over 10 billion videos are watched every single day. Bitesized content from Snapchat's media partners like Sky, offer a new way to enjoy both long and short form content. 

Whilst this was far from your average day at school, it was most certainly a lesson in good brand communications and sales.

Hats off to Snapchat – we’re confident many of the graduates will buy very much into the programme and you’ll see many more filters and lenses to come this summer.

Just another HSE Cake weekender

Despite Arsenal winning, the FA Cup final felt like it got it's mojo back

We worked with EE and YouTube influencer Callux to highlight EE's sponsorship of Wembley, promote their JustEat collaboration and create a fun piece of content which saw him and 4 of his fans have a sleep-over at Wembley the night before the FA Cup final. His video went live on Saturday night at 7pm and has since had over 850,000 views. Give it a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C3mbYklt2c

We also supported the FA's alternate broadcast, offering special behind-the-scenes content and commentary by two influencers, along with special guests including Callux, all live streamed to the FA TV YouTube channel, with EE as the lead partner. It's clocked up over 115,000 views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlHIHetekG8

Then, we were straight back to work at Paddington Station this morning to celebrate the launch of the first Paddington 2 trailer. There's a screen in a giant suitcase and lovingly made '2' shaped marmalade sandwiches. 

If you head out from Paddington Station this evening make sure to keep an eye out for it. The sandwiches have gone though...

SportsPro Live Digital Sports Panel

Wembley Stadium, the home to some of the UK's biggest sports events, became the setting for SportsPro Live. I joined a panel with Jean-Marc Paihol, the Global Head of Market Management & Distribution at Allianz, along with Louis Matignon, Multiplatform Solutions Manager at Eurovision, to discuss Digital Sport and how it is measuring up and following the footsteps of more traditional sport. 

I provided the panel audience with insights from a so called 'millennial', a word the panel seemed to agree was not in their favored vocabulary. For someone who's TV isn't plugged in and who's daily consumption of content is all online, I shared my thoughts, experience and insights into how this audience reacts and consumes the content from these new digital sports. Whether it's the viral sensation of Drone Racing, Virtual Golf tournaments or the FIFA Interactive World Cup, these digital sports are growing at a phenomenal rate and they're being helped by how the audience consumers and supports them. Digital sports, esports specifically, is available nearly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Across social media, streaming platforms and news updates, esports is all-access which and some what of an edge over traditional seasonal sport. However, there also isn't enough room for this always on approach, especially when it comes to massive events. The esports calendar is becoming busier, nearly too busy and a balance will soon be needed to give everyone involved enough breathing space to continue growing. This is where traditional sports can teach the digital equivalent how the balance could be found.

- Liam Thompson / Gaming & Influencer Exec


Chuffed to have won three UK Sponsorship Awards last night!! 'Best use of PR' for Barclays Premier League, 'Best use of Research & Evaluation' for Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and Natasha Cabral walked away with the hugely prestigious Barrie Gill Award, given to the rising star in the UK sponsorship industry. Fantastic work.

New eSports column on SportBusiness

In the start of a new series, Liam Thompson, our gaming and eSports guru picks out the most interesting stories from the eSports sector and writes up an overview for SportBusiness, the world's biggest selling sport business magazine.

The first overview includes:

  • Audi signs short-term deal with Astralis team
  • NBA and Take-Two to create official NBA 2K eLeague
  • Gillette’s League of Legends activation will allow fans to 3D print shaving accessories
  • And more

Read the full piece on SportBuisness here.


Our EA team secured Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer to play Dr Lexi T’Perro in Mass Effect: Andromeda

In the newest instalment of the Mass Effect series, Lexi enters the depths of outer space, stepping on board The Tempest. Natalie Dormer voices one of the game’s central characters and one of the first characters players will meet when they wake up from their 600-year cryo sleep.


With some major events in the pipeline across Barclays, Coca-Cola and EE we are on the hunt for a Freelance Production Manager. Check out the JD below and send over your CV and cover letter to Joanne.Warnes@havas-se.com


Freelance Production Manager JD

We are looking for a freelance production manager with a strong integrated campaign background covering sports and entertainment, who has a real flare and passion for live events.  The candidate will have experience in activating brand partnerships and a strong history of creating and implementing first class consumer brand experiential campaigns and a proven track record in managing campaign elements and coordinating external suppliers.

As a Production Manager, we look to you to have strong relationships with a variety of suppliers and be able to pull together competitive costs and solutions for both live campaigns and new business projects. We expect you to be able to manage the creative requirements for all your production elements liaising with our in-house creative team to achieve this.

Your role is focused upon day to day delivery – you will need to manage the demands and prioritization of your tasks and client needs. You need to be conducting business in an effective manner with pro-activity, attention to detail and accuracy in all communication either internal or external.

We’re proud of our client roster and excited to work with some of the biggest brands in the world including; Barclays, Carling, Coca-Cola and EE. Although we would not expect you to be an expert in their field, we would expect you to have an up to date knowledge of innovation and technology in the activation and experiential industry, making you versatile at activating across these markets.  We would expect you to take responsibility for keeping this knowledge current and see you playing a key role in exciting our clients with examples and demonstrations of the latest trends, event innovations, case studies and best practices emerging from the wider industry.

Key Skills

Planning and organisation, effective at planning your time and efficient at producing project documents including briefs, contact reports and status reports

Finance, you should be able to structure and maintain an accurate budget, managing suppliers, POs and communication with our finance team

Planning, demonstrate experience in planning and proposing both creative and practical brand campaigns

Communication, you should be confident communicating at every level, with a knowledge and sensitivity that you can apply to a variety of different situations – negotiating with suppliers, supporting team members or simply getting on with your colleagues and key contacts

Industry knowledge and expertise, you should understand and be able to communicate trends within the industry and market place. Ideally you will be able to demonstrate this knowledge with examples of your ability to think creatively and see opportunities of how you can bring this knowledge to life

Some of the key day-to-day duties will include:

  1. Propose production solutions for new business pitches
  2. Write budget for new business pitches
  3.  Write production time-lines for live events
  4. Liaise with external and internal suppliers to execute live campaigns and one off events/productions
  5. Manage you client budgets to ensure work is delivered profitably and communicated to the wider team



We've just been shortlisted for 5 UK Sponsorship Awards!

Barclays (x2)

Our work celebrating the end of Barclays 15-year tenure as title sponsor of the Premier League has been shortlisted for two awards - Brand Sponsorship of the Year and Best use of PR in a Sponsorship Campaign

EE (x2)

Having just been shortlisted for the BT Sports Industry Awards, The EE Wembley Cup is on a roll being shortlisted for Branded Content of the Year and Digital Activation of the Year.

HSE Cake

The 5th and final shortlisted entry is for Consultancy of the Year so let the 40 day countdown to the awards night commence! 


 Tottenham Hotspur are planning a £400m deal for the naming rights to their new stadium and are prepared to drop all references to White Hart Lane in order to secure the most money from a potential deal.  Jo Porter, Managing Partner Insight & Strategy spoke to The Drum to shed light on how the football club's push for a naming rights partner could pan out:  "There are broadly two types of potential naming rights strategy. One leads with brand engagement, the other puts a higher emphasis on generating brand awareness.The O2 and Wembley connected by EE are good examples of brands using venues to engage with new and existing customers, by seamlessly showcasing core service attributes in to the relationship.  "Then there's the other type of sponsor who wants to use football's huge media numbers to create broad awareness with a new or foreign audience. The decision to offer a clean name potentially helps Spurs' chances of finding this type of partner at a higher price point."  Full article  HERE

Tottenham Hotspur are planning a £400m deal for the naming rights to their new stadium and are prepared to drop all references to White Hart Lane in order to secure the most money from a potential deal.

Jo Porter, Managing Partner Insight & Strategy spoke to The Drum to shed light on how the football club's push for a naming rights partner could pan out:

"There are broadly two types of potential naming rights strategy. One leads with brand engagement, the other puts a higher emphasis on generating brand awareness.The O2 and Wembley connected by EE are good examples of brands using venues to engage with new and existing customers, by seamlessly showcasing core service attributes in to the relationship.

"Then there's the other type of sponsor who wants to use football's huge media numbers to create broad awareness with a new or foreign audience. The decision to offer a clean name potentially helps Spurs' chances of finding this type of partner at a higher price point."

Full article HERE


Last night was the 70th BAFTA and our team were front and centre celebrating the 20th year EE have sponsored the event. 

After months of preparation, we hosted a VIP pre-drinks party for 150 guests at the Dorchester, welcomed 140 VIP guests for the ceremony and post-awards dinner and surprised 475 competition winners with tickets (400 more than previous years!). For 75 of these winners, this also included an exclusive post-awards dinner. 

Another superb team effort!