Our office toys!

EA kindly sent us a PlayStation VR bundle for our office and here are Liam Thompson's thoughts on them: 

"PlayStation VR, the latest piece of technology to hit the market and unlock amazing virtual experiences for its users. Launching worldwide on October 13th we've been lucky enough to receive a PSVR bundle from our friends at Electronic Arts and PlayStation. Being a keen gamer I couldn't wait to get it home, set it up and jump into the virtual gaming world. I've used VR, and more specifically PlayStation VR less than a handful of times previously at special events. This was the first time I'd been giving a brand new bundle with the VR headset, PlayStation camera and Move controllers to unseal and set-up in the comfort of my own home. 

The set-up was pretty basic for me, as a gamer and YouTube content creator I'm very much use to having cables everywhere and dealing with similar kit. The area behind my desk is full of different wires and connectors that I don't dare look behind it. With PlayStation VR I set this up in my living room where I had maximum space and a clean(ish) area to keep all the equipment. Like most people I skipped the manuals and used a well-detailed image layout included in the box to get everything set-up. There are a few little set-up bits you need to do on the PS4 console but most of it is pretty straight forward. 

It is a little fiddly to begin with, I found myself putting on the headset and then relying on my brother to help pass me the headphones and controllers instead of feeling around in the dark. As soon as the headset is on, you are displayed exactly what the PS4 console is showing you, think of it as a massive 60" screen right in front of your face. The clever social sharing option means you can display what the person with the headset on is seeing, on an external display, which welcomes playing with it in groups and not missing out on the action. Once the headset is on, the headphones are in and you've picked the game you want to play, you're pretty much all good to go. PlayStation hooked us up with over 10 full VR games to download and play, one being PlayStation VR Worlds. This was a collection of short story lead games that were good stepping stones in getting use to VR. The London Heist puts you into a tense and gritty gangster setting where you need to shoot yourself out of a tricky situation. Using the PlayStation Move controllers, you take control of your characters right and left hand, picking up tools, aiming your gun and reloading. Once you've got to grip with the controls it quickly becomes naturally and you find yourself ducking and leaning to take down the gangsters trying to shoot you. This game can be played with the Move controllers or the normal dual-shock control pad, however for a full VR experience you would definitely need to purchase the Move set. We tried out a range of other games including Battlezone VR and Driveclub VR, both games using the normal controller instead of the Move sticks, which was still a very immersive experience as you play the games like you normally would, with the added vision difference of turning your head to look around. 

Overall after a short weekend playing around and getting familiar with PlayStation VR I'm very excited to see the other games coming out. With plans for more than 50 titles before the end of 2016, my collection of 11 so far will definitely be getting bigger. I feel some games might feel a little bit arcade with a VR feel, I'm waiting for the likes of Resident Evil 7 VR to take me out of my comfort zone and give me a thrilling VR experience. This is all very early stages, but with the PlayStation VR's low price tag and easy accessibly if you already own a PS4 console, I see this being very high on the purchase list for many gamers this year. I can't wait to play more."