Hyundai’s Innovators of the Future competition is in full throttle

Cake’s content marketing team and Ecselis SEO team joined forces to launch motoring giant Hyundai’s new campaign. Drawing from a wide talent pool, we worked hard to put together a brand new competition and to optimise Hyundai’s SUV page.


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In November 2017, Innovators of the Future was launched through Hyundai’s SUV page. Our team put together a stylish competition microsite where student designers can learn all about the competition, read up on the judges, download guidelines and enter.

We’ve asked students to imagine the interiors of driverless SUVs 50 years into the future. How can they reinvent this interior space given that seats will no longer need to be forward facing? How can they incorporate future technologies and create inspirational seamless design? This competition appeals to the aspiring designers’ imaginations – never in short supply amongst young, ambitious creatives.

Of course, there’s an extra sweetener. The winning entry will win a trip to futuristic Seoul, South Korea for themselves and a friend, plus £1,000 ($1,350) spending money. That’ll buy a lot of kimchi! They’ll meet representatives from Hyundai and tour some of the car giant’s most impressive facilities.

The competition opened at the end of November 2017 and runs through to 04.02.18. At that point, our expert panel will select a winner, with entries being featured on Hyundai’s website and across social platforms under the hashtag #IOTF2018. This equates to excellent coverage for aspiring young designers.



The team has been busy with outreach, pushing news of the competition far and wide. As this is a competition aimed at students, we’ve been focusing on universities and have secured coverage with King’s College London, Manchester University and Bath University to name a few. Six institutions (including Bath Spa University and University for the Creative Arts) are also running the competition as an official project – meaning entries are all but guaranteed.

Our carefully selected influencer panel came with their own clout and have featured the competition in influential Car Magazine and design sites Little Big Bell and Ma-tt-er.


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We’ve already seen some very positive signs from an SEO perspective. Hyundai were looking to improve their ranking on SUV and 4x4 related terms. Along with onsite optimisation, campaign outreach has led to a lift in Hyundai in the SUV/4x4 keyword group through authoritative sites linking back to Hyundai’s SUV page. The hope is that the terms we’ve been pushing in the campaign will show a substantially positive uplift in visibility.


Go content!