We're Half Way There! 45 Days on Tour with 36 Cities visited

It’s the half way mark for Coca-Cola’s prestigious global FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour, so we caught up with our Kim Rhodes (Cake Business Director) who’s been flying around the globe for the last six weeks as a Territory Manager for Coca-Cola on the tour.


The aim of the global Trophy Tour is to build excitement and passion for the FIFA World Cup™ ahead of the tournament, in countries that have qualified, countries that haven't, countries that have had the Trophy before, and countries that haven't. So far, the trophy has visited 36 cities in 45 days – travelling a whopping 75,235 km in total. Although not everyone can lift the trophy (that honour is reserved for only the Head of State and former winners of the FIFA World Cup™) we've been able to get almost 90,000 people close to the Trophy to have their personal photo taken, and to see a piece of history.


Kim’s role as a Territory Manager is to look after 16 of the Coke markets, kicking off the first half of the tour activating in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Laos, Macau, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea – with seven of these countries receiving the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy for the very first time.

Kim said “Wherever the Trophy has been we've seen huge crowds and fans young and old coming out to the see the Trophy and celebrate with an ice-cold Coke or Coke Zero.

From the passion of Pakistan, a cricket country turned football fanatics, to the pride of Sri Lanka being the first international stop of the tour, not forgetting our visit to the President's Palace in Colombo – there have been so many highlights along the way!

I am about to head back out on tour to activate the second half of the tour, where I will visit my remaining 8 markets along the way - Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland (first time qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup), Mongolia and China.”

We are proud to be working with Coca-Cola on their global 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour, and can’t wait to catch back up with Kim on the completion of the tour for more updates.  

Check out the half-way numbers here: