Eminem's augmented reality experience

One of the world's biggest names in hip-hop, Eminem, to many fans surprise has released his own augmented reality app. Eminem Augmented is now available on the App Store to coincide with his list of 2018 performances which started at Coachella last weekend. 


The app includes two AR experiences for fans to try out at home including a portal into Shady's World - but the real highlight of his app is what you can do at live shows. Geo-tagged and time-coded AR experiences allow fans to use their phones to expand the concert experience in a brand new way. 

The modern generation are always filming, Snapchatting, uploading to their Instagram stories and all sorts with their mobile phones during events like music festivals. Eminem is joining this behaviour by giving fans a way to use their devices during his shows to add to the experience, rather than take them away from it. An innovative use of augmented reality by the rap god.