From getting a D&AD New Blood Award to becoming Cake's Junior Producer

Pencil (1).jpeg

This time last year I won a D&AD New Blood pencil for my university Final Major Project, ‘The Best Kind’, and since then it’s been nonstop. 

Since beginning my degree in Digital Advertising and Design, I always wanted to enter the D&AD New Blood awards as soon as I had the skills to do so. D&AD is an organisation that has great precedence among the creative industries and is recognised by them as a young creative really sets you apart from the rest.

When it came to entering, I chose The British Army copywriting brief and having done some research, I found that there were a lot of misconceptions around army recruitment - the thing that drew me to the media and advertising industry in the first place was its power to change these kind of misconceptions. Using skills that I hadn't previously tried, such as copywriting and motion graphics, I challenged the perception that an army career is all about combat and instead highlighted the hundreds of other careers in the British Army, such as a chef, vet or engineer.

It was for this that I was awarded the wooden pencil. On the day I found out I had won, I received a call from Cake offering me a permanent position in the creative team as Junior Producer. I started my role here while I was finishing my degree, exhibiting both my degree show and at the new blood exhibition.

Entering a design competition such as New Blood has taught me a lot about the creative process, and just how much hard work goes into creating industry standard design work – it also thankfully gave me something to show off about in my first Cake company meeting.

Since working at Cake no two weeks have been the same. Some weeks I’m helping to manage the design studio, the next I’m working at premieres or events such as the BAFTA’s. Other weeks I’m working on shoots and overseeing pre and post production.

It was this diversity and creativity that made me want to come back and work at Cake after interning. Anyone can have a great idea, and this is something that is recognised here at Cake, we are one big team with a goal to produce world class creative work.

From new blood pencil winner to working at a pencil winning agency, it’s been a big year!


By Isabel Mandry, Junior Producer