global PR and content campaigns

We work with Sony to create global campaigns spanning PR, Social Media and Content. From launching new phones, to the latest in-home projectors, we create work for multiple markets, much of which ends up being showcased on every single Sony handset worldwide. 


The end of 2017 saw us launch the new Sony Xperia Touch projector across 6 markets worldwide. Our strategy was to harness kids' unbridled imaginations to take a look at what technology in the future will be like. We comissioned research, surveying thousands of kids around the world on what they think the future of pets, food, school and more will look like. We supported this with humerous content where we questioned a small group of Sony experts, with comic consequences. 

The summer was all about slow mo. We needed to show off the advanced super slow mo features of the Sony Xperia phone, so we created a short film called 'A Life in the Day' shot entirely on a phone in San Sebastian, Spain. We were taken on a journey through the beaches, streets and food markets of the town, catching the tiny details of city life in super high quality. The resulting content now lives on every single Sony Xperia phone created worldwide.